The Kodak/Instagram comparison comes up over and over again, and it’s moronic. It makes no sense.

The fact that Instagram only employed a few people and Kodak employed a lot says nothing about the impact of technology on modern society or the economic status of the middle class. Even if we take the ridiculous leap and pretend that the two companies are somehow equivalents (and they’re not even close), you could just as easily point out that Instagram created a lot more value for people than Kodak did. First off, it didn’t involve toxic chemicals that create massive amounts of waste and pollution. Second, because people don’t have to buy expensive rolls of film to take pictures any more, they get to save money and put it to better use. Third, because we no longer have to worry about the expense of each photo, people are free to take many more photos and capture more memories and generally enjoy photography more. Fourth, because instagram makes the sharing of photos much easier, it enables much greater communication among family and friends, building stronger community bonds. I mean, you could go on and on and on.

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