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As we’ve noted time and time again, this whole thing seems short sighted in the extreme. Lyrics sites don’t take away from interest in a song, they only increase it. And, yes, publishers have different interests than the musicians or labels, but it still seems counterproductive to sue and take down sites that were increasing interest in the actual music, as lyrics sites do.

The legacy music industry needs long term strategic thinking. And instead it just looks for who it can sue.

^ über die kurzsicht (und ich ergänze: den altersstarrsinn) der musikindustrie, die noch nicht einmal den komplementären wert von lyrics-sites erkennt.

For years, we’ve pointed out that some in the music industry get so obsessed with “stopping piracy” that they miss the fact that their main job should be to increase revenue. They make the huge mistake of assuming that the two things are the same — and that “stopping piracy” automatically leads to “increased revenue.” Yet, almost every time that issue is explored empirically (over time), it doesn’t seem to hold up.

^ über die kurzsicht (und eig. nochmal den altersstarrsinn) der musikindustrie, die sich in das falsche problem verbeisst und dabei alle gelegenheiten verpasst.

So, instead, we get this situation where no one wins. The video has crappy music. The good music providers don’t get paid. How is that a good solution?

^ über takedowns von privaten videos die jeder beteiligten partei (ausser vl. den anwälten) schadet und die auch die tatsächliche gretchenfrage unserer zeit stellt (und eig. nochmal auch über den altersstarrsinn).