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Coursera: Computing for Data Analysis

Computing for Data Analysis
Instructor: Roger Peng, Johns Hopkins
Zeitraum: Dezember 2012
Status: habe ich gemacht, inkl. Exams und Zertifikat

Anmerkung: eine Art Crashkurs in R und gwm. ein Meilenstein in pädagogischer Unzumutbarkeit.

Course Syllabus

Read formatted data into R Subset, remove missing values from, and clean tabular data Write custom functions in R to implement new functionality and making use of control structures such as loops and conditionals Use the R code debugger to identify problems in R functions Make a scatterplot/boxplot/histogram/image plot and modify a plot with custom annotations Define a new data class in R and write methods for that class
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Computing for Data Analysis
6. Dezember 2012