die romantische komödie

No jokes please

Imagine a filter that designated as nonsense all spam, ambiguity, irony, hyperbole, sarcasm, metaphor, metonymy, and punning. The sense we’d be left with would be expression of direct literal representation. This is unequivocally represents that. Google’s search algorithm has benefitted from the fact that, generally speaking, people don’t ironically hyperlink. But as the language of the Network becomes more real-time, more a medium through which people converse— the full range of language will come into play.

echovar thematisiert ein Monsterthema: was passiert mit Wahrheit, Sprache, Ironie, Gesten, etc. wenn die Aussagen und Aussageketten durch soziale Medien und algorithmische Filter gejagt werden.

meta 15.11.2010 /via @echovar #