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Yellow Strom

But Twitter didn’t start with blogging or blogging tools as its central metaphor, it began with the message streams that flow through dispatching systems. The tweet isn’t a small blog post, it’s a message in a communications and logistics system. There’s a tendency to say that the tweet is a “micro” something— a very small version of some normally larger thing. But tweets are full sized, complete and lack nothing. Their size allows them to flourish in multiple communications environments, particularly the SMS system and the form factor of the mobile network device (iPhone).

Like the tweet, the post-it note doesn’t have a specific purpose. Arthur Fry, one of the inventors of the post-it note, wanted a bookmark with a light adhesive to keep his place in his hymnal during church choir. The rapid acceptance of the yellow sticky, in part, had to do with not defining what it should be used for. It’s hard to imagine someone saying that you’re not using a post-it note correctly, although people say that about Twitter all the time.

echovar über twitter und pretty much das kompaktbeste, was ich bisher über twitter gelesen habe.

(das grösste problem bei der beschreibung von twitter sind ja die ähnlichkeiten, die zwar nicht völlig falsch sind, die aber das wesentliche verpassen und dann serien von falschen schlussfolgerungen triggern. die abgrenzung zu dem, was es nicht ist, ist fast wichtiger als die beschreibung von dem, was es ist)

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