But there’s something important to note about all these curatorial roles I enjoy: none of them are coercive. … The beauty of noncoercive curation is that there are so many reasons we value things, it’s really impossible to imagine that any one place will serve as a one-stop shop for our needs.

Two categories in particular won’t ever be fulfilled by a curator: first, the personal.

Second, the tailored. I have loads of little scripts, programs, systems, files and such that make perfect sense to me, even though they’re far from elegant or perfect. There’s the script I use for resizing and uploading images to Boing Boing, the shelf I use to organise my to-be-read pile, the carefully-built mail rules that filter out spam and trolls and make sure I see the important stuff. I am a market of one … But again, these are the nuts and bolts that hold my life together and I can’t live without them.

Cory Doctorow über die Vorzüge des wilden, nicht hegemonial/exklusiv kuratierten Webs.