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Why would that post surface? What about Unvarnished’s so-called democratic self-regulation? There isn’t any, really. The “community” has no better information about the veracity of a reviewer than my goldfish does, and asking them to vote a reviewer up or down is about as meaningful as asking my goldfish to choose the bicycle he likes the best.

Asymmetrical information – and a massive oversupply of bads – inevitably breed massive adverse selection. Unvarnished is a breeding ground for adverse selection in feedback itself. The least accurate, most overly negative feedback will rise to the top, making hiring decisions even less efficient than they are today.

bubblegen über die personenreviewseite unvarnished.

(sehe nicht genau warum er sein ‘I’m out’ gerade an dem festmacht, aber mit dem epistemologischen grundproblematisieren der sozialen verstärkungslogik von solchen gschichten ist er natürlich spot on)

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