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Noch mehr Suchen des Jahres (2008 How to Edition)

Pt. 4: (etwas spät dafür hilfreich) Microsoft

  1. How to lose back fat
  2. How to tie a tie
  3. How to avoid tan lines
  4. How to save money
  5. How to write a resume
  6. How to lose weight
  7. How to make money
  8. How to improve your marriage
  9. How to save on home heating bills
  10. How to cook a turkey
  11. How to pronounce palahniuk
  12. How to brine a turkey
  13. How to argue with your spouse
  14. How to choose a pediatrician
  15. How to reduce stress in your life

(siehe Pt. 1 – Yahoo und Pt. 2 – Google und Pt. 3 –

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