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Um O’Reilly nicht unrecht zu tun, neben dem – eigentlich mit Luhmann vergleichbaren, wobei es bei Luhmann doch theorieinhärent war – Shift der Herausfaktorierung jeglicher Kultur aus der Betrachtungsweise, folgt er seit einiger Zeit – mehr oder weniger als einziger im Valley – Umair Haque in Richtung ‘wir lösen zu kleine Probleme, sind zu kurzsichtig auf die immergleichen Themen fixiert, wo bleibt die Addressierung der wirklich wichtigen Themen, Energie, Hunger, rotten financial und political system, usw.’.

Die Finanzkrise versetzt ihn dann schon fast in eine poetische Laune:

Watchful. Listening. Learning. Not rushing about fighting the small things of the moment but letting the storm wash in. It will change us.
That can be good. And as the storm washes through, it will become clear what we have to do.

I’ve been quoting that poem in my talks since Why I Love Hackers at ETech in March. It ends with a ringing invocation to work on challenging problems, problems that stretch us, as the wrestlers of the Old Testament were challenged by wrestling with the angel. That seems to me to be the heart of what we need to do now.

But I also want to point out that rough times are often the best times for creativity, opportunity and change.

And if you look at history, you see that this has always and everywhere been true. It’s not an accident that economist Joseph Schumpeter talked about the “creative destruction” inherent in capitalism. Great problems are also great opportunities for those who know how to solve them. And looking ahead, I can see great opportunities.

These are all things we should be doing every day anyway. Sometimes, though, a crisis can provide an unexpected gift, a reminder that nobody promised us tomorrow, so we need to make what we do today count.

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