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Eine der treffendsten Einschätzungen zu den aktuellen x-connect-availability Entwicklungen von Dave ‘long-term memory’ Winer: How tech wars end

The tech industry is organized around the concept of wars. … if there’s money to be made in controlling users, there’s been a war to lock those users in.

It’s also in human nature for the users to realize they’re being used, get fed up, and create or discover the technology for themselves thereby routing around all the warring parties.

Having seen a number of these wars, and seeing each of them end not in triumph, but irrelevance, I believe we’re getting closer to the end in the warfare defined by social networks. … I wouldn’t pay too much attention to what the big players do here, they will be too constrained by BigCo thought processes, and a desire to appear to be giving stuff away without actually giving anything away.

Open is a funny thing, you can’t be partially open. You can’t edge your way toward open. You can’t be open and hold the valuable stuff in reserve for yourself.

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