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MySpace Availability

MySpace Embraces Data Portability, Partners With Yahoo, Ebay And Twitter (tc)
MySpace Partners with Yahoo, Twitter, eBay on Data ‘Availability’ (rww)
MySpace Announces ‘Data Availability’ with Yahoo, eBay, Twitter (mble)
MySpace to launch ‘data availability’ – new ways to access its data through third party sites (vb)

Die Infos sind alle noch etwas durchwachsen, auf vb liegt die gesamte Pressemitteilung, die angedachten use cases sind ganz witzig:


On Yahoo!, the Data Availability initiative may appear to users in a variety of ways. For example, users that have chosen to share their MySpace content and data with Yahoo! Instant Messenger might find their MySpace default photo, interests, and favorite music displayed to their Messenger contacts directly in the IM client. Additionally, MySpace users will be able to choose to display their data within Yahoo!’s universal profile or leverage it in Yahoo! Mail’s smarter inbox, once those upcoming releases are deployed.


Through the MySpace Data Availability implementation, eBay profiles can be easily enhanced with MySpace bios, interests, pictures, and videos. In a socially driven marketplace, this will yield a deeper connection between individuals. When browsing or transacting on eBay, the availability of external social information can help users make good decisions quickly about whom they can do business with, and perhaps even make a new friend.


The MySpace Data Availability initiative enriches the current Twitter profile by empowering users to incorporate their MySpace profile content and data points previously not included in the Twitter product suite. Once the implementation is complete, a user will be able to bring in their MySpace content and data including their bio, blogs, and photos, ultimately making the Twitter site a more enriching site with content previously unavailable in its interface.

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