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Why aren’t there more Googles?
The answer’s very simple. Because every company that had the potential to be as revolutionary as Google over the last five years sold out long before it ever had the chance to revolutionize anything economically.
Think about that for a second. Every single one: Myspace, Skype,,, Right Media, the works. All sold out to behemoths who destroyed, with Kafkaesque precision, every ounce of radical innovation within them.

Umair Haque

Und auch sehr super, eigentlich essentiell: ein Video von einem Vortrag von Clay Shirky am Berkman Center.

the internet is not a decoration to society, it’s a challenge to it. a society that has an internet is a different kind of society than a society that doesn’t … we are living through the largest increase in human expressive capabilty in history

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