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Yingiz - Shoppers United

Cologne based yingiz is a social shopping community which wants to drive an economic revolution for consumers.

The basic idea is that while individual custumers are very much at the mercy of sellers if they want to get some rebate on their purchases, a bigger group of interconnected shoppers is in a much better position to nogotiate discounts. yingiz wants to become this marketplace for connecting shoppers with each other and with interested sellers who profit from huge orders.

screenshot yingiz
examples of partner shops of yingiz

Whenever a member makes a purchase at a partnering shop – currently more than 1,000 shops participate – he earns a commision (commisions also can be earned via other activities like referring a lead etc.) Simplified: yingiz keeps 40% of the earned commisions, the rest goes into the pockets of the member in cash.

screenshot yingiz
the yingiz commision model

They have developed a browser extension dubbed yingBar which will tell you when you are browsing a website which provides a commision for members.

Members also can announce wishes and depending on the popularity of the wish might attract a seller or not and sellers can dare the yingiz community with bets. The idea here is that higher priced goods are sold in large quantities at a significant discount.

screenshot yingiz

Company blog: Blog

(This article originally was written for blognation Germany. Since blognation is gone I have reposted it here)

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