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Seed Funding For Iliketotallyloveit

iliketotallyloveit has raised seed financing from Argiv GmbH and private investors Stefan Friese and Stephan Schamback (a founder of Intershop, currently CEO of Demandware), no further details have been disclosed.

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products on live loveit. e.g. yƶghund – frozen yogurt for dogs.

iliketotallyloveit was launched about a year ago by Malte Goesche, Silke Jahn, Till Backhaus and Martin Albrecht – four students from Bremen. It basically applies the digg scheme to shopping. Users can submit links to products they like totally love, annotate and discuss them and provide a link to where it can be bought. If enough votes or love is aggregated the object of desire makes it to the front page.

iliketotallyloveit.com provides a unique way to stay informed about everything beautiful money can buy.

You also can browse the stuff by various categories (accessories, art, fashion, gadgets, toys, etc.) or by tag, by price range or by popularity – the most beloved product overall is the MacBook Pro, no surprise here, runners up are Aspirin and Nintendo Wii.

screenshot Iliketotallyloveit

Company blog: iliketotallyblogit

(This article originally was written for blognation Germany. Since blognation is gone I have reposted it here)

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