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The web is better when it's social

opensocial ist jetzt live.

Perhaps most interestingly, we will see social capabilities move into new contexts. OpenSocial will also work in non-traditional social contexts, such as on and Oracle. With a common set of APIs, it will be even easier to extend social functionality. Beyond the many fun and entertaining social applications we already have seen, we think we’ll see a number of social applications emerge in business contexts.
Lastly, the web is global, and so is the scope of OpenSocial. When you add up the current websites who have committed to implementing OpenSocial, you realize that a developer building for OpenSocial has the chance to reach over 200M+ users in dozens of countries.

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interessantester Satz aus der Doku:

However, it is possible to use data from another social network as well, should you prefer.

(sprich: es gibt fortan die interpenetration von subsystemen die sich bis dato nur als black-boxed-umgebungsvariablen wahrgenommen haben)

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