Onsari – the big mouthed social network which only launched about a month ago (see our coverage) and already has attracted 5,276 users – has supposedly raised 6 million Euro for 20% stake in the site from undisclosed Yilmaz brothers according to a press release [pdf in German] they published today.

This seems to be the most elaborate joke on Web 2.0 Germany has produced so far and they obviously are signifying upon the rhizomatic output of social networks and the accompanying bubbletalk of the press in Germany. If a Facebook user is worth 300 Euro, an onsari user would be worth fabulous 5,700 Euro. Yilmaz is the most popular Turkish surname, translate it to Mr. and Mrs. Smith invest 46 billion in Facebook.

Quotes like this finally make sense and actually are funny:

The new internet community (social network) onsari, which launched 9/11 with only 5% of its final features, not only constantly attracts new users, but also investors who want to contribute capital and knowledge to the probably most innovative and comprehensive Web 2.0 project we have ever seen.

from the press release

To conquer the world onsari leverages the incredible forces of relationships between people and of higher mathematics: everyone is connected to everyone else by six degrees. The first users of onsari invited five to nine friends, those too invite five to nine friends and so on. This realistic driver of explosive growth is backed in real life by a ‘mysterious mask’ [sic] which will generate 60 million users from around the world for onsari.

from the about page

In Germany alone we expect more than 2 million members until the end of the year

from the press release at their launch

I hope this is a joke.


This article originally was written for blognation Germany. Since blognation is gone I have reposted it here.