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The Flickrs Of Germany

Following our listmaking tradition (see the 50 most popular sites from Germany, German startups and twitter and Germany’s most anticipated web 2.0 sites) here is a list of the 40 most popular sites from Germany which have been inspired by flickr’s r-naming scheme. The popularity is based on the current number of bookmarks at del.icio.us.

Most sites are in German only so our apologies to our international readers.

retrievr – an absolutely fabulous service which lets you search and explore in a selection of Flickr images by drawing a rough sketch (from Austria)
WebSnapr – lets you capture screenshots of any web page; more than 100 million screenshots have been delivered already
mypictr – lets you cut and crop pictures to use in profile pages; from the makers of WebSnapr above
Logo Creatr – create Web 2.0 compliant logos
brainR – social brainstorming
blogr – space for photos, videos, podcasts and your blog (from Austria)
triQQr – a twitter submitter tool
rechnR – an online calculator
abmahnr – a spoof site making fun of a widely spread practice of competitors or lawyers to threaten litigation for even the most smallish legel nonconformance of websites
Job Watchr – aggregates job listings from various sources (see)
Partnr – a communication tool for couples and their wishes (see)
live.hackr – a great tumblelog [full disclosr: this is my private blog]
fragr – a Q&A community
peppr – an aggregator
Frazr – a site inspired by Twitter
Startupr – a single page aggregator a la popurls with a pretty poor selection of feeds (i.e. blognation Germany is not listed)
Brokr – a social stock trading community (see)
joinR – a social network
alleinr – a site which does nothing and lets you be alone
Antwortr – a Q&A site with focus on irony
brabblr – multi account management tool for micro blogging sites (see)
Logr – a stats tool (logr your web)
quansr – a Q&A community
Associatr – a tool for browsing related tags on Flickr
shoutr – a tumblelog platform (see)
docr – lets you store and share files and notes
suchR – lets you tag places
Sommr – lets you predict the weather socially
Weblinkr – a social bookmarking site
cruisr – a social network leveraging the license number of your car
Feedzappr – a single page aggregator a la Original Signal with a fantastic selection of feeds (i.e. blognation Germany is listed in the Web 2.0 category)
Sinr – post your sins socially
zuckr – still in stealth mode
itjobr – still in stealth mode
prangr – currently down
lustigr – a digg style site for funny links
nichtrauchr – lets you take a break from smoking socially
zimmr – still in stealth mode

As always let us know in the comments if we missed a site.

On a sidenote: we have learnt about a few of these sites because they have added themselves to our company index. We strongly encourage everyone to do so. Before you do please first check if your company has not been already listed.

(This article originally was written for blognation Germany. Since blognation is gone I have reposted it here)

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