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Financial Times Enable2start Winners Announced

More parties, prizes and celebrations: the five winners of enable2start – a renowned startup competition organised by the Financial Times Germany [was ftd.de] – have been announced today, picking up 50,000 Euro and a coaching with a seasoned entrepreneur each:

  • MyMuesli.de – mass customised cereals 2.0 and every bloggers darling
  • Bagpax – special bags to keep your car clean
  • S2i Technologies – fingerprinted packaging to fight product plagiatism
  • Nat – organic fast food
  • Elly & Stoffl – luxury child care

Other finalists:

  • Mediaclipping – media tracking in more than 80 German radio and television programs. We have more news on them forthcoming.
  • Easysleep – noise and distraction free cabins at airports
  • Wexla – a modular shoe-construction system
  • Woobby – rate and rank everything, see our review
  • Smaboo – embedded branding (e.g. of notebooks)
  • Viatoura – portal of the sights and seeings of Germany

Congrats to all winners!

(This article originally was written for blognation Germany. Since blognation is gone I have reposted it here)

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