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Germany's Most Anticipated Web 2.0 Sites

Following our listmaking tradition (see the 50 Popular Sites from Germany
and German Startups and Twitter) here is a list of the most anticipated sites – sites in stealth mode, in private beta or requiring some sort of invitation to get in – from Germany. The popularity is based on the current number of bookmarks at del.icio.us.

Actually it is a list of those sites we are aware of and we definitely missed a few, but some German sites you currently don’t get in would not have made for a good headline. Let us know in the comments which sites we are missing. We will beta test everything.

Most sites are in German only so our apologies to our international readers. Since most sites are scheduled to publicly launch this autumn / by the end of the year, this list might be a good indicator on what German startups are up to though.

Cellity – lets you cut your costs of mobile phones calls
Yumondo – urban stylesharing
aka-aki – mobile social networking
Trupoli – a platform for applied politics
Mambler – a microblogging platform
brabblr – a multi account management tool for micro blogging services
Mixxt – lets you create wiki based social networks
HappyPapa – social network for dads
Sones – social network systems
Wir Werber – a marketplace for creatives
Yasni – people search
HalloHund – social network for dog lovers
Justaloud – “we prevent acoustic frustration”
pleXme – more mobile social networking
blogato – blogsearch
Communipedia – a community of communities
Fanground – online community for sport fans
FatFoogoo – platform for gamers
Xinxii – a marketplace for content
AdScale – a marketplace for ads
Flippress – mass customised paper based keyboards
Hoodster – a social network made on a single weekend
Republic of Ideas
Susuh – they just went out of stealth mode yesterday and currently are looking for alpha testers
Swopping – a live shopping portal
WhiteWall – a marketplace for artists
Woobby – rate and rank stuff
Yuntoo – an identity management system
zimmr – social roomsharing

(This article originally was written for blognation Germany. Since blognation is gone I have reposted it here)

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