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50 Popular Sites from Germany

Barcamps are selling out the very same day they are announced, the idea of collectively bootstrapping a company on a single Startup Weekend attracts more than 100 developers, designers, entrepreneurs and VCs within 24 hours, Webmondays, Wiki Wednesdays, Geektogethers, pl0gbars, MediaCamps and other events are taking place in many cities, more than 200 web 2.0-ish sites have launched this year alone, there is a lot of excitement in the German startup sphere.

To wet your appetite for what's going on in Germany we compiled a list of the 50 most popular sites from Germany right now. This list is based on counting the number of bookmarks of about 400 sites at the bookmarking service del.icio.us. While it is hard to find significant metrics for measuring the popularity of sites, it's even harder to access reliable data for any metric for all sites. Going with del.icio.us is straightforward, but not necessarily an indicator for a large number of active users, traffic or economic potential.

25peeps logo25peeps* is a fun tool to promote your blog.
2video logo2Video lets you download videos from many video sites.
amberjack logoAmberjack* lets you easily create site tours of your website.
amiando logoamiando lets you plan events and manage invitations. You also can open a shop and sell tickets for your events.
<brainr logobrainR is a tool for social brainstorming.
clipfish logoClipfish is a video sharing site. Clipfish belongs to the RTL Group.
dealjaeger logoDealjaeger is a social shopping site which lets its members hunt for deals.
dopcast logodopcast is a community for pod- and vidcasters.
edelight logoedelight is a social shopping site with focus on gifts.
favoor logofavoor* is a start page which lets you organize your feeds, bookmarks and notes.
folkd logofolkd* is a Firefox extension which enriches your browsing experience in multiple ways.
fotolia logofotolia is a stock photography site.
gutefrage logogutefrage is a knowledge community / Q&A site.
hitflip logoHitflip lets you swap your DVDs, CDs, books, and games.
holidaycheck logoHolidayCheck is a platform for hotel and trip reviews with a social twist.
iliketotallyloveit logoiliketotallyloveit* is a digg-style aggregator for cool, hot, beautiful stuff, preferable with a link where it may be bought.
jimdo logoJimdo lets you easily create web pages. On a technical note it's also the first site from Germany which made itself available for the Facebook platform.
knuddels logoKnuddels has chat rooms on various topics.
kochpiraten logoKochpiraten is a recipes wiki with social features.
logocreator logologo-creatr* lets you instantly create Web 2.0 compliant logos.
<lycosiq logolycos-iq is a Q&A community.
mabber logomabber* is a web based instant messenger.
meinprof logoMeinProf lets you rate your college and teachers.
mindmeister logoMindMeister* lets you create, manage and share mind maps online.
misterwong logoMister Wong is Germany's most popular social bookmarking service. Mister Wong has localized communities in Russia, France, Spain, China and recently launched an international version.
mite logomite is a beautiful tool for managing your time.
mnemomap logomnemomap* is an experimental search engine.
musicmesh logomusicmesh* aggregates music videos from YouTube in an interesting way.
mypictr logomypictr* is a a picture resizing service (e.g. to to create a custom profile avatar for social networks)
myvideo logoMyVideo is another video sharing site. This one belongs to the Pro7/Sat1 Group.
piqs logopiqs is a photo sharing site.
playmygame logoPlayMyGame* lets you create your own personalized games.
plazes logoplazes* detects your location and connects you to people and places nearby.
podcast logopodcast is a podcasting portal.
qype logoQype is a community which enables anyone to search for & review service providers, businesses and public places. Qype recently also launched in the UK.
seitwert logoseitwert calculates the popularity of your site at various search engines.
sevenload logosevenload is another popular photo and video sharing site. Sevenload recently launched an international version.
snapmania logosnapmania* is an online photo manager.
spreadshirt logoSpreadshirt* lets you design and sell your own T Shirts (and accessories.)
spreed logospreed* is a service for web based conferencing.
studivz logoStudiVZ is Germany's largest social network for students and was largely inspired by Facebook. Earlier this year it was acquired by Holtzbrinck for an estimated 80 million euros.
teamslide logoteamslide* lets you give online presentations.
visualorgasm logoVisualOrgasm is a design community.
weblin logoweblin* lets you create an avatar and chat with people visiting the same website.
webnews logoWebNews is a digg-style aggregator.
websnapr logoWebSnapr* lets you capture screenshots of web pages or provide (slightly annoying) hyperlink target thumbnails.
xing logoXing is a popular social network for business professionals. Xing went public in December 2006.
yigg logoYiGG is another popular digg-style aggregator
zpeech logozpeech* lets you comment any website on the website itself.
(This article originally was written for blognation Germany. Since blognation is gone I have reposted it here)
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