Dave Winer zum Unbundling von social networks :

… because what we really need is an architecture that allows anyone to add a tag to an arc, the same way we add tags to pictures on Flickr.
All these things point in one direction, esp Facebook. Closed systems are fine in the early stages of a new technology. They’re the training wheels for a new layer of users and uses. But, as we always see, the training wheels eventually come off, explosively, creating new systems that throw out the assumptions of the old. …
Eventually, soon I think, we’ll see an explosive unbundling of the services that make up social networks. What was centralized in the form of Facebook, Linked-in, even YouTube, is going to blow up and reconstitute itself.

(ich glaube er macht einen konzeptionellen fehler, weil er offenheit in erster linie technologisch denkt; die plattformen deren unbundling er voraussieht sind aber schon das gerebundelte – und funktional offen genuge – ergebnis von zuvor geunbundelten (bzw. ohnehin schon frei flottierenden) tatsächlichen bedürfnissen. vgl. etwa craigslist und edgeio.)