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Call for Proposals für die Web 2.0 Expo Berlin:

  • Web operations, theory and practice: What are the major players up to with their platforms and how do open source and independents play into “web as platform” and “web ops”?
  • Global scalability: The Internet is global, your apps need to be global, and they need to scale.
  • Rails & Django: Increased speed of development isn’t the only reason these are becoming so popular
  • Going 2.0: How to turn your 1.0 business into a 2.0 masterpiece in less than six months.
  • Viral marketing and community evangelism: Start a fire! Learn how to create a meme and let your users tell your story, without spending a fortune
  • AJAX: Learn to use it to make your site more functional
  • SEO & SEM: The science of measurable marketing. Find your keywords, and let your audience discover you, using search engines as the gateway.
  • Blogging and Internet PR: The new way to launch a product or service?
  • User-generated content: Tagging and ratings and blogging, oh MY!
  • Syndication: Don’t be afraid of spreading your content across the Web. It’s free advertising; if it’s good and adds value, your users will come find you.
  • Location: Maps and location are now commodities. How can it add value to your app?
  • Social networks: Are commonplace—where are they going next? Identity: Distributed identity is on the rise. What should you support?
  • Data: The importance of data is growing. How can you protect and respect your users by giving them a way out?
  • Mobile: Let your customers get your site from anywhere.
  • Rich Internet Applications: AIR, SilverLight, XUL — Which one to choose?
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