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Zlio darf fortan in den US keine Produkte von Amazon mehr einbinden (alles dazu bei Exciting Commerce)

- sehr strange dabei ist jedenfalls die Begründung, die Amazon Zlio geschickt hat (zitiert nach Mashable):

It has come to our attention that you may be paying some of your referral fees back to customers as a form of rebate. While we are certain that your idea would meet with some success, we have decided against working with any Associates who employ this rebate model.
Under the Associates Program, Associates may choose to recommend either individual products or our entire service to their visitors in exchange for a small percentage of the resulting sales. The goal is to introduce our services to new customers this way, helping them find us through sites that offer value-added editorial assistance or which provide trusted advice in choosing e-commerce sites.
Given our relatively slim retail margins and our strong discount pricing, the referral fees we pay can only be sustained as we meet new customers through our Associates. Many of these customers return to us later for items unrelated to those recommended by the Associate web site, and this future business helps to offset the referral fees we pay. For this reason, we’re able to pay nearly all of our margins to Associates in referral fees.
When an Associate re-directs these fees to the customer, it changes the entire relationship in ways we did not intend. Under the ‘rebate’ model customers actually have a disincentive to return and shop with us directly, undermining the expectation of repeat business that is necessary to fund the program.

Das macht sicher Sinn (uns ist die virale Verbreitung mehr Wert als die Umsätze, die ein Associate für uns generiert, mittelfristig wollen wir, dass die Leute direkt bei uns und nicht via Associates einkaufen, …) – aber warum sagen die das in aller Offenheit, Länge und Breite und berufen sich nicht einfach auf die TOS, gegen die Zlio verstösst ??

(abt. seoptimized title series)

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