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Emerging Collaborative News Models

Kleine Studie zu news from the edges

While traditional news media are finally dipping their toes in the waters and paying attention, most are still far from understanding and adopting what is happening at the edges. In the growing mass of voices, the key players who will organize the clutter and engage the voices (now also the eyeballs) are still being determined. Those who figure out how to best aggregate and distill the cacophony will win a loyal base. Those who also figure out how to create sustained conversations among the distilled sound will win a potentially powerful base.

(dann ein ziemlich umfassender Bewertungs-, Analyse-, Kategorisierungs, etc.- Versuch; viele, viele Datenpunkte… – für den betriebenen Aufwand fehlt allerdings irgendwie die executive summary)


meta 16.11.2006 #