die romantische komödie


Apropos collective intelligence – eine neue Anwendung, die das (im Tutorial) für sich reklamiert ist Qloud, eine slicke Mischung aus Musiksuche, sozialem Netzwerk, Folksonomie und Shop.

Pete Cashmore sez:

You can search for artists, songs, keywords, styles and more, with Qloud serving up a list of tracks that you can preview on the site. You can then save the tracks to your favorites, email the results, link to the page or buy the individual tracks on iTunes, AOL Music Now or Amazon. There are all kinds of social filters, too – like how recently the tracks have been rated, how highly they’ve been rated and which tracks have been tagged or played the most. You can also narrow your search based on the demographics of the listeners. Qloud is also a social network: you can visit profile pages, add users as friends and view their tags and channels.

meta 17.10.2006 #