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Why I don’t use social software – Ryan Carson mit etwas solipsistischer Webauslegung

Nach einem pseudo-merlin-mann’schem

Like you, I’ve got a million things to do and I’m constantly battling to keep on top of my inbox and RSS reader. The last thing I want to do is add another thing to that already-way-too-long list. Know the feeling? And what’s more, not only are there oodles of apps that I’m simply never going to get to use, even if I did there are so many variants on the same basic theme.

kommt die pseudo 37signals’sche Konklusion

I believe there is a huge market for more web apps that are aimed at users like me. We’ve got specific problems that need to be solved and we’re willing to pay good money for solutions.

Basecamp, LinkedIn, You Tube, Flickr; sein DropSend und Amigo denkt er sicher auch mit.

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