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People Power – Text von Chris Anderson im aktuellen Wired.

Each era was fueled by a faster, cheaper, and more widely available method of production that kicked efficiency to the next level and transformed the world. Now we have armies of amateurs, happy to work for free.

This is perhaps the most dramatic manifestation of the second-generation Web. The tools of production, from blogging to video-sharing, are fully democratized, and the engine for growth is the spare cycles, talent, and capacity of regular folks, who are, in aggregate, creating a distributed labor force of unprecedented scale.

Previous industrial ages were built on the backs of individuals, too, but in those days labor was just that: labor. Workers were paid for their time, whether on a factory floor or in a cubicle. Today’s peer-production machine runs in a mostly nonmonetary economy. The currency is reputation, expression, karma, “wuffie,” or simply whim.

(man muss dann wohl Amerikaner sein, um daraus einen Antikapitalismus ableiten zu können, eine Unterstellung, die er dann zurückweist)

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