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The Anatomy of the Google Product Cycle – u.a.:

45 Days Later
Om Malik receives phone call; does investigation; dispells rumors that an aircraft is involved but still poses question: is this an Ebay-Killer??
46 Days Later
Michael Arrington publishes “exclusive” screenshots on TechCrunch; says it lacks features which his Web 2.0 company Edgeio has; provides an irrelevant recommendation for Zooomr or Skobee.
47 Days Later
Zawodny blogs; laments that Yahoo had this idea in 1999; considers quitting; instead posts excel spread sheets cataloging (a) his weight loss (b) his Cessna’s mileage.
48 Days Later
Chaos ensues at Microsoft, Yahoo, and/or Ebay; Fox buys Myspace anyway; Steve Ballmer throws a chair.
49 Days Later
John Battelle’s intern discovers rumor, “breaks” story; Schmidt denies rumors to the New York Times; says Google is not out to displace any other company.

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