die romantische komödie


Irgendwie willkürliche Einteilung von user created content in eigennützig, sozial und selbstlos, aber die abgeleiteten Implikationen für das selbstsüchtige Modell untertützende Anwendungen sind nicht uninteressant:

Selfish UCC. Delicious bookmarks and Flickr photos. I primarily bookmark and take pictures for myself — because I want to remember, or because I like something. I use these web-based apps instead of client-side equivalents because I personally get more value out of them. While the social benefit is apparent, I view that social benefit strictly through a selfish lens

womit verbunden ist:

the issue is relevance and commensurability. If I take notes on something for my own purposes, there’s no reason for me to care whether it accords with anyone else’s notation in any sort of commensurable way. Delicious tries to address this problem by suggesting tags that other people used on an item; this drives convergence on certain terms, making their programmatic understanding of what that item is more robust.

und also:

For selfish UCC, take note of Delicious’ example and try to drive general relevance without interrupting the selfishness of your users. Delicious prompts me with terms others have used, making my selfish life easier while making relevance of my actions more general.

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