Kathy Sierra (wie eigentlich immer) sehr charmant zur Halbwertszeit von buzzwords und welche Perspektive man zumindest mitdenken sollte

But these Web 2.x buzzwords are more technology and business-model focused than user focused, and that’s a recipe for building things that meet the checklist but fail the users.

For example, we know that “harnessing collective intelligence” is good… but why? I don’t necessarily want you “harnessing” my anything, unless… unless it means I benefit from the result. And of course, that’s the point— that end-users can benefit from all that group wisdom, like Amazon reviews or delicious/popular tags, to help reduce the flood of data. So why not say it like that? Instead of calling it “harnessing collective intelligence”, why not call it “helping users make smarter choices, more quickly, by accessing the knowledge, experience, and wisdom of a larger group?”