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NewsGator kauft NetNewsWire

Beginn einer neue Kategorie namens news für irgendwie relevante Hin- und Herschiebungen zwischen den Unternehmen, die im Web 2.0 Umfeld tätig sind.

Und da ja RSS der Kleister ist, der so vieles zusammenhält, ist die Übernahme von NetNewsWire durch NewsGator doch interessant:

NewsGator Technologies now produces software in C#,, Delphi, and Objective C. Lack of a unified codebase and the company’s reliance on one engineer per product seems to be a weak point even with their much-touted APIs.

NewsGator is now able to cover the entire feed aggregation landscape with its suite of products. NewsGator for Outlook covers the mail client integration, FeedDemon is the stand-alone option on the Windows desktop, NetNewsWire is the stand-alone client on the Macintosh, and NewsGator Online is the online option tying all of the properties together. NewsGator is still missing a recommended Linux or open source feed aggregation product or even a product with source committed by the NewsGator team.

(via Niall Kennedy)

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