Marshall Kirkpatrick hat einige gute Gedanken, wie man als Gruppe einen thematisch fokusierten Aufmerksamkeitsstrom via loser Zusammenarbeit erzeugen kann:

Nothing will appear in your attention stream that hasn’t been put there by another participant in the attention stream. It’s a way to send something to a group, but without clogging their email inboxes or getting caught in junk mail boxes. It’s very unobtrusive to subscribe to an RSS feed, and you will simply be notified when there are new items in the feed. You can read them or skip them, with very little clutter. There is the potential for outsiders to spam your stream, but if you chose a word or phrase that is unlikely to be used in any other than this very explicit circumstance – then the tag spammers are unlikely to find your stream at all.

Ein paar Anregungen, wie man tags etwas feintunen könnte, gibt es hier