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Das Wissen, das nie fertig ist

Sehr guter Artikel zu Wikis bzw. der Wikipedia, wenn man überhaupt nicht weiß, was das ist: The Unfixedness of Knowledge: Discourse, Genre, and Mode in Wikipedia

Gegen Ende werden auch ein paar wissensepistemologische Themen angedacht:

This brings us to another important implication of the hypertextual mode of Wikipedia: that every page is the result of social dynamics that are never completed (even if a page is locked at some point, it can be unlocked later). Wikipedia does not declare any article finished (retrieved from on April 19, 2005). This means that we are dealing with a ‘live’ mode, a mode that refuses to be fixed, and that is ever sensitive to social influences. Critics of Wikipedia claim that its content is worthless because it is not subjected to any form of authoritative review. For those who believe in the fixity of knowledge, this might be a reassuring argument. But I believe that the new mode of text embodied by Wikipedia can teach new generations about the responsibilities of social collaboration, the act of critical reading (applied even to Reference materials), and the permanently unfinished state of human knowledge.

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