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Analoge Ökonomien und digitale Welten

Sehr interessanter, ökonomiephilosophischer Artikel zu Digital Rights Management in der Bubblegum Generation.

… the economic assumption underpinning traditional property rights law is that you have to pay me if you use/exchange/modify a resource I own, because you impose a cost on me when you do so. Your use of the resource excludes mine. Hence, it’s always in my interest to exclude you from use/modification/exchange unless you compensate me.

But this assumption of no net benefit to the rights holder does not hold true in a digital world. In a digital/networked world, funny things like network externalities, open standards, non-rivalrous consumption (your use of a resource doesn’t exclude mine) and strong complementarity begin to happen.

Das kratzt aber nur die Oberflche, selber lesen!

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