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Wundervolle Zeiten

Zwei interessante Postings zum Kapital, das StartUps heutzutage erfordern: Bnoopy (Joe Kraus, ehemals Excite, jetzt JotSpot) rechnet vor, wie top-notch (Web-)Anwendungen derzeit für ein Dreißigstel im Vergleich zu vor 10 Jahren (100.000 : 3.000.000 $) zu realisieren sind. Lesen, Business Plan schreiben und dem nächsten VC in die Hand drücken.

Die derzeitigen scheinenden Sterne am Webanwendungshimmel 37signals gehen dann noch einen Schritt weiter:

Now that all the fixed costs are gone, you’re left with the requirements of time and passion. While those resources (or at least one of them) can be bought by setting up shop and saying “we’re doing it”, they can certainly also be had outside the typical startup atmosphere. And I think that story is actually a lot more interesting since its not just lowering the costs of an existing model, it’s throwing it out and opting for a new one entirely.
As mini-investments from VCs and angels become the next big thing, I hope more crews will think hard and consider whether they could do without. Look at the project that costs $100,000 and figure out how to make it cost $20,000 over the shoulders of three guys. Do it out of your own pocket and you’ll be forced to reckon with constraints earlier and more intensely.

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