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Trouble with Web 2.0

Im Sinne David Lettermans hat Richard MacManus die Top 10 Symptome aufgelistet, ob man zuviel über Web 2.0 nachdenke:

10. When arranging to meet with your friends in town, you suggest a “point of presence” instead of a meeting place.
9. Your child asks you for a raise in pocket money and you tell him to monetize his feed.
8. When someone asks for your business card, you tell them your FOAF URI and say “ping me”.
7. You have bad dreams about slipping off the end of “The Long Tail”.
6. Your favorite pickup line: “You show me your API, I’ll show you mine.”
5. When shopping for bleach, you always choose Ajax. [groan!]
4. You wish Michael Moore would do a documentary about “roach motel” websites that lock-in users data.
3. You buy a new parakeet to replace the one that flew away and you name it “Joey 2.0”.
2. You send a snail mail letter to your Grandma, but attach a Creative Commons license to the end of it.
1. You go red in the face and start stammering when someone calls it Web 3.0.

☍ 02.07.2005 /via @readwriteweb # web2.0 rww
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